Travel Consulting

At Niche Travel Design we believe that designing the perfect vacation is as much an art form as designing a home’s interior or a garden’s landscape.

Our consultants are experts in finding the best cup of coffee, the most interesting art gallery, the best place to sip Prosecco while watching a sunset and the best accessories to make your adventure more comfortable.

Niche Travel Design specializes in designing custom itineraries for the consummate traveler. We assist you with recommendations, planning, ideas, and insider tips curated from years of travel. We do not, however, book transportation, tickets, hotels or tours on your behalf.

Let’s face it, downtime is a precious commodity these days and the consultants at Niche Travel Design are experts at finding ways to make the time that you have off more memorable.

Just choose the amount of detail and customizing that you wish to have. Fill out our client form to give us a little background on you and off we go.

Fees are incurred according to what level of customizing you want.

  1. Questions via email – €15 each or €70 for 5 questions
  2. Customized itineraries – €75 per hour.

Join us as we share our insider travel tips, destination guides, and advice on how to feed your soul through the wonder of travel.

You can choose the number of hours in advance and once you have submitted your client form and sent your payment to Paypal we will begin helping you to Find Your Niche In The World!