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Niche Travel Design is a travel and lifestyle blog focusing on stories and photographs of life abroad, cultural experiences, recipes, and ideas and tips for creating unique memories to last a lifetime. We also recommend products and services that help to make our followers’ travel dreams a reality.

We believe that designing the perfect vacation is as much an art form as designing a home’s interior or a garden’s landscape. In order to design unforgettable experiences, we curate travel tips and products. We want your travel to feed your soul and rejuvenate you. We pride ourselves on finding things like the best cup of coffee, the most interesting art gallery, the best place to sip Prosecco while watching the sunset and the best accessories to make your adventure more comfortable.

Owner, photographer, writer, blogger, Shelley Jarvis, once read that certain people are born with the wanderlust gene. She concluded that if her genetic mapping was done, she would be one of those people. Naturally curious, travel stimulates her as nothing else does.

Originally from the San Francisco Bay area, she has lived in 3 states and 4 countries. She began her professional life as a lawyer, however, after moving a number of times, she began a consulting business that has been operating for over 11 years both domestically and internationally. With each move to a new place she was forced to learn to market her services and develop relationships with people in different cultures, thus, she is well versed in marketing and promoting.

Social Media Manager, Helena Twarowski, has lived in 3 countries and has been an active social media user in 4 languages. She assists with art design, styling, content production and social media management.

Our followers are generally from the USA, the UK and Europe. They are women and men aged 20 and above who enjoy the finer things in life, including travel. We cater to everyone from the first time abroad traveler to the seasoned traveler, however, no matter their background, all of our followers are seeking unique and unforgettable experiences and products.

We are always seeking ways to inform and assist our followers in making their travel dreams a reality.  As such, we are interested in working with travel product retailers, hotels, tour operators, transportation operators, tourism boards, marketing groups, and destination and/or travel brands. We are also open to sponsored posts, collaborations, press trips, partnerships, guest posts, and photoshoots. Our goal is to establish long term relationships with our partners using our social media capital to expand our partners’ markets. We aim to develop mutually beneficial outcomes for all parties involved.

If you feel that your product, group or service is relevant to our followers’ interests, please email me at for a copy of the latest media kit.

If you would like to work with us please be aware that authenticity is the key to maintaining the trust of our followers. As such, we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and the opinions contained in sponsored posts will be 100% honest and our own. Where a post is sponsored, the reader will be notified. We do not link content from companies for free and Niche Travel Design will retain editorial control for all content published, sponsored or otherwise. If you have further questions, we invite you to review our disclaimer page for additional information.

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